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Santiago de Compostela   

is a city in in the northwest of Spain. There, in its cathedral, are the mortal remains of the apostle James, Saint James, San Tiago, one of the most important person in the Catholic Church. Multi-miraculous, the Saint has been causing pilgrimages for centuries, which ended up consolidating routes, paths to Santiago, the Camino(s) de Santiago.

“I am going to Santiago, don’t wanna get there,

the beauty of the way makes me not want to arrive …”

In the Camino, you can find all the old artistic landscape reasons.

Fields, forests, villages, smaller and larger cities, history, farms, mountain, beach, sun and snow,art, landscapes, animals, people.

The Camino taught André Burian that big photography is all about legs.

Here we can see the artist's passion for the Camino,

for Spain, for photography, impressionist painting, Vincent Van Gogh, and for pilgrimage, hiking,

the true only psychedelic sport.

There is many more Camino de Santiago in 

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